Pulling up deep roots

ZinniaOver the weekend I was doing some gardening and I found myself battling with some deep woody “weeds” that had stubbornly planted themselves on the hill in my yard. How dare they embed themselves in my garden space and cause me so much pain and frustration. The pain lingered throughout the entire process of digging, pulling, chopping, cursing and sweating.  I felt the pain in my back when I was done and was kinda wiped out from the arduous task for a couple of days. I wasn’t going to give up and it was worth it in the end to get the deepest parts of the roots out so there was no chance of them sprouting back up. Once I settled into some cozy jammies after a shower, I thought about those so-called weeds. They’re just a nuisance to me because that is how I perceive them. Why do they have any less importance than a deliberately planted rose or peony? But none the less, I did want them out of my garden area so I could be more in control of the landscape of my yard. I began to see that our minds are similar to our gardens. We can just let anything grow there but we also have the choice as to what we allow to grow in our minds. We can carefully plant the seeds that are the most beautiful and nourish them. We can also pull out the ones that don’t serve us well. If we choose to not give certain plantings our attention, they may eventually wither up and die if not given any attention. Or they may grow out of control and take over your garden if we’re not being aware and honest with ourselves. So think about what’s flourishing in the landscape of your mind and take the time to weed out the habitual thoughts that aren’t serving you well. Some are more deeply rooted than others and you many have to dig deep. It may be painful but it’s worth the effort to live at peace with the beauty that is flourishing in your mind.

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