Psychology, Science

Habit Mind vs. Creative Mind


Our brains are wired to follow established pathways for ease of living. It would be impossible to live and create if we always had to think about breathing, or walking or even remembering names and where we live. We can be thankful for this aspect of the mind for endless functions in our lives. But for optimal living, we must be aware that this habit forming mechanism can work against us if we don’t take charge of it to create a brilliant life of our choosing. For instance, if you developed a fear of water when you were a kid and then, as an adult, found a job in a beach town where you became curious about surfing, would you try it? Your programmed mind might tell you that water is dangerous. Therefore, surfing is out of the question because you mindlessly allow a familial belief to be in control of your creative choices.

The exciting news is that this habit of the mind is not a fact but merely a perception created in your mind that you have allowed to take hold and identify you. The truth is that you do have the power to override this fear by observing it and questioning it’s validity. Where did it come from? Is it even your own fear? Is there any logic behind it or have you simply defined yourself as someone who is afraid of water, so it’s a fact that you can’t surf?

We all have beliefs, fears and habits running through our minds on autopilot. Now that you’re aware of this on a deeper level you can begin to take control of habits that no longer serve you well. You can willfully change what you think to go beyond what you believe is possible.

Once you begin to practice mindful awareness of habit loops in your mind, you’ll find that you’ve probably developed emotional habits that may be causing chaos in your life. Be brave and face yourself with honesty and humility to create an inner peace that will lead you to become the most powerful you that you can be. Long lasting change begins from within. We may not be able to change external circumstances in our lives but we can change how we perceive them.

Remember that you are an infinitely creative being and anything is possible if you intend it.

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