Mindfulness, Philosophy, Spirit

Gratitude Can Supercharge Your Life

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Gratitude is a pretty amazing energy. When we really cultivate heartfelt gratitude we can feel the divine life force flowing through us. It’s easy to take life for granted as it becomes a blur of day in and day out habits and conditioning. We stop thinking and feeling and we become numb to all of the miracles that we are blessed with throughout every day. If we take the time to slow down and see the everyday events from a new perspective of amazement, we can really supercharge our lives with the practice of gratitude. Look anywhere around you and you can find something to be amazed by. grassCU

The grass that grows all around us is amazing. How does it grow? How many blades of grass are in a single yard or park? What about the sweet smell of fresh cut grass and after we cut it, how does it keep growing without getting discouraged and giving up? You might even consider the miracle of your cell phone. Invisible vibrations of energy bring our voices and messages to each other with ease and grace. 100 years ago we would have thought this concept to be insanity. We are blessed with the most phenomenal gifts in every moment of our lives. Just consider what your body is doing to support you in the most dynamic ways. Seeing, thinking, digesting, detoxifying, feeling and on and on. It becomes easy to shift anger, anxiety, fear and sadness when we mindfully focus on finding some aspect of a situation to be grateful for. Even in the toughest times we can always find something to be grateful for, even if it’s your breath. Maybe it’s as simple as cultivating gratitude for your feet and that you have them and you can walk. Or maybe that you have the ability to cry and it comforts you as you release dense emotions. You could even be grateful for anger that you are experiencing. After all, sometimes anger can push you to take action that you were afraid of and this fiery energy directed you to achieve new heights. You’ll find that if you just start to find something to be grateful for, it will build with exponential growth and you will develop a lightness in your being and a sparkle in your eye from the high vibrational energy that is beyond love. You’ll be amazed at how you can shift your energy and how the energy of others around you will dramatically change when you choose to live your life in a state of gratitude.

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