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HIIT it Hard and Revitalize Combo Class

In the first half of this 1 hour class you’ll not only burn off calories and build body strength, stamina and mental fortitude, you’re guaranteed to clear out dense energy from the body and mind during this high intensity interval training.

During the second half hour, you’ll cool down and stretch out as we transition you into opening and renewing by slowing down your movement as we practice qigong. By using deliberate, graceful body motion, synchronized with mindful breathing, you’ll renew your life force and deeply clear your mind. This class will leave you feeling vibrantly energized on a whole new level.

(1) 60-minute class: Inquire for cost

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Qigong and Guided Meditation

Refresh and renew your body, mind and spirit with a 40 minute practice of qigong followed by a 20 minute guided meditation to help you deepen your level of stillness while helping your body metabolize and balance your life force on a more profound level.

The beauty of qigong combines graceful, deliberate movements with deep mindful breathing to refresh and balance your flow of qi or life force. By intentionally directing the qi with slow movement and breath you will build up energy and feel the beneficial vibrations coursing through your body helping to remove blockages while accumulating nourishing energy in your system.

The practice of qigong offers many health benefits like boosting your immune system, oxygenating your blood, improving sleep and digestion, reducing stress and cultivating inner peace, gratitude and clarity of mind.

All levels welcome to connect mind, body and spirit to intentionally create a more vibrant you.

(1) 60-minute class: Inquire for cost

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Private Studio Sessions 

Transformational Energy Therapies

Gentle Touch Energy Treatment

This 60 minute session will help you relax and balance your energy while revealing energy blocks and guiding them to open up. This session combines the healing power of touch and the subtle energies of reiki to balance and open. Light massage, tapping and reflexology stimulate energy meridians throughout the whole body to relieve tensions, detoxify and clear dense energy.  As you lie down fully clothed and surrender to the loving kindness of touch, you may find yourself deeply entranced feeling the pulsations of energy in subtle and dynamic sensations. Visions and colors may appear in your mind’s eye. Tensions and pain may release. Messages from your higher power may be revealed to you. Each session is unique as the practice brings to you whatever is needed in the moment. The experience will leave you feeling relaxed and peacefully happy, a feeling you can carry with you and tap into during your day. Multiple sessions can help you create real change in your life whatever your intentions may be.

(1) 60-minute session: $125
(6) 60-minute sessions: $650 ($100 Savings)

Children’s Energy Treatment

During this 30 minute session, children will be guided to lie down and relax while gentle, hands on therapy and light massage are used to balance the subtle energies in their body and mind. Children respond very easily to energy work as their natural system and external conditioning accept and receive it more readily. The healing benefits of kind, loving touch have been scientifically proven to enhance one’s overall health. Children need guidance to process the massive amount of information that they are exposed to mentally, physically and emotionally during the numerous transitions of growth and daily life. Energy therapy can help them experience and then be able to create calmness of mind and self-control. The therapy can also strengthen focus, improve sleep and mindfulness, help stabilize emotions and boost the immune system. During the session, children will also learn about the super power of their own mind to empower themselves to experience life with greater ease and self-awareness.

(1) 30-minute session: $75
(6) 30-minute sessions: $400 ($50 Savings)

Release and Renew Energy Opening Session

Deep within your brain lies the pineal gland connecting the divine energies with the physical body. In many of us this beautiful pinecone shaped gland is energetically blocked. This leaves us stuck in habitual patterns of lower energy and creates obstacles for us to express ourselves fully. During this session we will open up and activate the pineal gland to help you let go of limiting beliefs and discover the dynamic power that lies dormant within you. Out with the old and in with the new. This energy session will guide your energy fields of fully open and release. As you’re seated during this 75 minute session, you’ll relax into a state of effortlessness while getting in touch with the grandness of your energy fields. Gentle sweeping motions will guide you to spaciously open up so you can get in touch with the many layers of energy that make up the essence of you. Once we open the energy fields, we’ll work to clear out unnecessary dense energy and intentionally place new programming of Love, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility and Truth. This creates the beginning of transformation towards a higher level of consciousness where you can begin to create the life that you choose based in peace, love and prosperity. Trust this therapy to get you started on a path of self-awareness and your life will change from deep within. This energy therapy can help your mind, body and spirit discover the unlimited possibilities that lie within you.

(1) 75-minute session: $175

Transformational Life Coaching

Are you ready to dig deep into yourself to discover the divine magnificence that lies within you? Each of us is a creative genius but afraid to live our true greatness because of limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back. For those looking to change on a deeper level and are willing to do some challenging inner work, Transformational Life Coaching can guide and support you to create your dreams. Real change always comes from within…there is no other way. If you are ready to face yourself without excuses and egoic fears you can alter your limiting beliefs and habitual conditioning and create a new belief system that will empower to live the life that you deserve. Be willing to show up fully and honor your true self and you will experience lasting transformation.

Attain goals in all areas of your life from personal relationships, health, family or career, to world changing seemingly impossible goals. Learn to truly see who you really are and utilize the powers of infinite creation that lie within you to create your life intentionally.

Schedule a 2 hour Transformational Life Coaching Session to help you clearly define what you really want in life and develop a starter strategy of how to make it happen.

(1) 2-hour session: $225
We have the flexibility to create a customized packages.

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